Welcome to the radiant Lobby!

Radiant Lobby is a study project where you can find everything about Valorant in one place!

Create an account using your Google login so you can favorite your favorite skins, sprays, and cards to view them at any time in your profile!


The Project

  • Radiant Lobby was built using React with the Next.js framework;
  • The Firebase framework structure was used to create the project's CRUD operations, with Firebase Auth for account control and login, and Firebase Firestore to store user-favorited items;
  • The Valorant-API was utilized to render the displayed items (sprays, skins, etc.);
  • For the initial prototyping, Figma was used.


If you have any suggestions for improvement, find any errors, or would like to give praise, please feel free to contact me!


Radiant Lobby is an independent platform dedicated to being a study project. The site is operated by me, Michel Raupp de Oliveira, and has no official affiliation with Riot Games, the owners of Valorant.

Visual elements such as images, text, icons, and trademarks of Valorant, including, but not limited to, characters, logos, symbols, and other game-related materials, are the property of Riot Games and are strictly used on the site for informational and entertainment purposes.

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